Jeffrey Epstein, Edge Member

Jeffrey EpsteinThe EDGE Foundation was founded in 1988 as a branch of the Realty group and Jeffrey Epstein is one of its reputable members. Membership is only by invite and most of it are probably the most amazing minds within the globe.

The foundation’s slogan is about arriving at the edge of the world’s knowledge, look for probably the most brilliant minds in the universe, group them together, and let them ask each other questions that they’ve been asking themselves.

Jeffrey Epstein has, not just been an active member of the Edge, but has also been a promoter of the Edge’s intellectual mission by supporting prizes and events.

Science and philanthropy are topics that Jeffery Epstein is enthusiastic about. He is much more than just a wealthy financier but he is also 1 of probably the most essential supporters of science. EDGE gives him the chance to come face to face with other prominent personalities in the world of science who used their knowledge and expertise to push the boundaries of science, make discoveries and then make this known to the public.

The Edge hosts yearly questions, which are answered by its most impressive roster of thinkers and achievers. The questions could be easy or sophisticated, but the answers are never simple. Although not everybody contributing is able to produce thoughts which are prescient and insightful, the majority of thinkers who contribute, make EDGE article reading a veritable golden delight of thought, insight, and broad knowledge.

Edge Founder John Brockman is well-known for his annual “billionaire” dinners, which he holds alongside the famous TED conferences in Lengthy Beach. Featured guests have integrated such luminaries from the world of science (many Nobel Laureates), successful financiers, pioneers of high tech, philanthropy, and journalism. You may even find yourself convincing with a few of the most well recognized personalities in science in technology like Bill Gates, Lisa Randall, Jared Cohen, and numerous much more. Let’s just say, there’s little small talk going on.

The difference between these individuals doesn’t only offer a great avenue for discussions but also an avenue for company and philanthropy. Jeffrey Epstein met the individuals he chose to support at these dinners.

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Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is known as a money manager and science philanthropist. He is Financial Trust Company’s current and active Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Since 2001, he has been a Trustee of the Institute of International Education, Inc. Jeffrey Epstein’s financial investment profession began in the firm of Bear Stearns. His educational qualifications is within the field of physics.

Mr. Jeffrey Epstein is furthermore on the Council on Foreign Relations and is as Member of the Trilateral Commission. He has been a former Board Member of Rockefeller University as well as being currently associated with the New York Academy of Science.

Mr. Epstein’s philanthropic affiliations are the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, the Wexner Foundation, The COUQ Foundation and the Florida Science Foundation. Edge Foundation is among the group Jeffrey is associated with which members are brilliant thinkers and achievers.

Established in 1988, the Edge Foundation, nonprofit private operating foundation, grew out of an organization known as the Reality Club, a loosely based group includes of probably the most interesting minds in the world. The Edge Foundation stated objective is to promote discussion of, and inquiry into, philosophical, literary and artistic issues and to work for social and intellectual achievements in society.

Its mandate is to promote the society intellectual and social achievement through inquiry, discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic and literary issues along with work. Edge will make use of all the works of the contributors and so as providing original copyright to each of their works.

Mr. Jeffrey Epstein is also a dynamic participant the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Santa Fe Institute and the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Mr. Jeffrey Epstein is actually a part of Harvard University’s Mind, Brain and Behavior Advisory Committee.

Currently, Jeffrey Epstein’s passion for generosity is focused on scientific thought and achievement. During the last decade Mr.Epstein has donated over $100 million in grants and funding in support of both individual scientists and academic institutions.

Mr. Jeffrey Epstein will be playing host to the approaching Mind shift Conference on his exclusive island in the Caribbean this January. The Conference will assemble together probably the most brilliant thinkers and notable scientific intellects to discuss, debate and dig into advanced thinking processes and scientific frontiers.

Jeffrey Epstein has now chose to take his philanthropic efforts to something sound after years as a behind the scenes source of funding. A kind of support for the science like Mr. Epstein’s two websites has aided and developed these efforts: at and He is encouraged and excited about the feedback from the scientific community of these recent announcements.

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Jeffrey Epstein the Philanthropist

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is much more than just an American financier, he is also a philanthropist. He created and supports the Epstein Foundation and also the Florida Science Foundation. Jeffrey Epstein has been an avid supporter of the organizations that works on the causes closest to his heart, which frequently makes use of his cash for the good of all mankind within the world.

1. Education and Advanced Learning
2. Aggressive Scientific and Social Studies
3. Medical Study
4. Finance and Economy
5. Intelligent Computers and Thinking Robots
6. Music and Art
7. Issues on Jews
8. Athletic Events
9. Flowering Gardens
10. Individual Researchers of Merit and Genius.

You can go to to view the list of all his prior philanthropy activities.

The funding that both the Epstein Foundation and the Florida Science Foundation has not been unimportant, and has materially helped many seminal researchers, in an otherwise, secured economy, find the essential funding to do critical work for society’s benefit.

Of course, no philanthropist, no matter how wealthy, can support all the requirements out there, so it’s essential that knowledgeable and well-respected philanthropists like Jeffrey Epstein carefully choose those areas that carry the most possible for tractable solutions. Jeffrey Epstein work with a group of advisors who offers input on, which area is capable of providing positive outputs be it in science or in other problems. Of course, Jeffrey Epstein, himself, is a brilliant, and most remarkably informed intelligent man, and so, he will ultimately supply the final vote based on a careful analysis where the funds can greatest be used.

For 2011, Jeffrey Epstein has already sent out the initial notice to the areas that will most likely support and this could be discovered on his philanthropy web site. These areas are the following:

Theoretical Physics
Cognitive Neuroscience
Quantum Information Science
Artificial Intelligence
Molecular Biology
Theoretical Mathematics
Medical and Health
Economics and Finances
Scientific Pioneers and Geniuses

1 of the features of the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and Florida Science foundation is to act as a place for discussions on ideas or projects and this is open to the public, the businessmen, other philanthropists, and obviously the scientific community.

Grantees are researchers, laboratories, or institutions, which are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

The Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and Florida Science Foundation will allow grantees to confidently and systematically assess, analyze and improve their own work. It paves them the way to gain a new perspective and explore all avenues of learning and then reveal their new found knowledge with the public within the near future.

While individual projects for funding are still under review, the genesis of a new grant application procedure is taking place on the Jeffrey Epstein Web Portal. Jeffrey Epstein invites you to have an advance look.

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Jeffrey Epstein, Successful Financier

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is actually a successful financier, but his real passion is for ideas which could open new frontiers of knowledge and significantly help humans all over the world enhance their lives and health. His never-ending enthusiasm of out-of-this-world ideas always takes him in the leading in the many facets of scientific knowledge. While many scientists ponder those great mysteries of the universe, which may never utilize any practical benefits, Jeffrey Epstein is primarily supportive of scientific and technological advances that may prove ultimately beneficial to humanity. With the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and the Florida Science Foundation, he’s actively and generously supported the following areas of research:

Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Science, that may ultimately lead to computers much more efficient than anything close to what is now available. These quantum computers will be able to perform analysis and calculations of complex and hard problems, beyond the reach of modern-day supercomputers, that will have enormous ramifications in science, medicine, technology, finance, along with the social sciences.

Evolutionary Biology holds promise in advancing our understanding of the dynamics of infectious diseases and cancer genetics, as well as alternative forms of energy. The prospective of Evolution has long been necessary to the society as it supports the answers in many facets of humanity like the next generation of biomedical technology, drug development, biotechnology and microevolution at most; however, the ignorant side of the social order is alarmed and made vulnerable of this, thus, opposition of the few.

Complexity explains the dynamics of how one adaptive system from its basic processes progresses to its complex arrangement in just about any feature of a living body. The ascending levels of the hierarchy of complexity demonstrate emergent properties at each level that seem to be non-predictable from the properties of the component parts. A far more comprehensive set of developments of evolution, understanding and adaptation would distinguish one step of one complex ladder to the other. This is the field where Mr. Jeffrey Epstein really wants to explore and produce more applied and logical advantages.

Theoretical Physics is one of the superior aspects of science that is yet to give us answers and fundamental understanding of the straightforward, subtle yet deep subject: the universe. Do you know the current opinions, theories, debates, facts, and experiments, currently going on to understand the vast dynamics and structure of the universe, which allowed it to evolve? Will Big Band theory manage to explain of where time would bring us? Are these newest theories and experiments adept of answering our questions regarding the vague dark matter? Exactly what do we know and what do we not know? These are generally amongst the most elementary of all fundamental questions on who and where we are in the universe.

Cognitive Science if referred to as study of the Human Brain is related to what Physics development has shaped the entire world on the first half of the twentieth century. The last 4 decades has enabled Cognitive Neuroscience generate breakthroughs regarding the dynamics of living tissues’ anatomy and physiology especially the human brains and the ocular system of the human body. As Mr. Jeffrey Epstein believes in its experimental and realistic findings influence the humanity depending on each and everybody’s perception, he consistently supports the studies in subject of science such as electrophysiological recordings in animals, the neuropsychological study of human patients, psychophysics and developmental cognitive psychology.

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The Heart In Kevin Garnett by Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey EpsteinAs a child, Jeffrey Epstein kept hoping to grow taller, he did not. To his dismay he endured from “no hops” the white man disease. In one of the last competitive ball games he played he gave up 6 inches and 80 pounds (Jeffrey is quite skinny) to the opposing teams center. Their center quit the league following the game simply because he got demoralized by his defense. Jeffrey Epstein has heart, so feels he’s entitled to write about exhibitions of heart in sports.

I initially noticed Kevin Garnett and the Fabulous Forum, then the home of the Los Angeles Lakers. This was the time when KG is still young and is doing his portion in a ten year contract that ensures his huge income in the league. He performed for the Minnesota Timberwolves. In this day and age, he would have been forgiven for mailing in some games. However, he didn’t. On the night I saw him the Lakers dominated from the opening tip. The game was over prior to half-time. KG played as well as he could, each and every minute of the game. The guy did posses a heart.

The heart is something that cannot be described. Once it kicks in, it pushes one to do things that seem out of the question. It may be powerful but it can be temperamental and fragile at the same time. Dennis Rodman is probably the best example. I saw him play for the Lakers, which was then trained by Kurt Rambis, in the initial few games of the season. I had excellent seats and I witnessed something truly unique. From the beginning of the game it was Dennis who took over, but he never took a shot. It was a wonderful perspective. A few weeks later, I went to another Laker game. It was not a good year, even at that early point for the Lakers and Dennis obviously was not satisfied with Kurt’s coaching capabilities. Before your eyes you can see the heart disappear. There after Dennis was basically mortal.

But returning to Kevin Garnet. It is hard to comprehend why the MVP went to someone else rather than to KG during his first year playing for Boston. He played with all his heart, played hard, played honest, and he put up an excellent defense for the Celtics. He changed the culture and the locker room of the business. That’s a one-in-a-decade person. The following year he suffers his first main injury of his profession and is left waiting for the next year. He wasn’t in great shape and he did not look so excellent during that year. Nevertheless, I believe that if the same thing happened to some other person, they would’ve spent the rest of the year doing rehabilitation. You could tell KG was discouraged at his physique for letting him down. He was pissed that sheer dedication was not sufficient to overcome his physical limitations. And here we are, the beginning of a new season and he has the hops and the range of movement and the pace and quickness that were lacking all last year. Jeffrey Epstein thinks that it be worthwhile to watch him and observe how far he can get with his heart.

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Profiles in Sciences – Jeffrey Epstein Assisting The Various Fields of Science

Jeffrey EpsteinThe internet site by Jeffrey Epstein known as Profiles in Sciences focus on the accomplishments of breakthrough scientists and achievers who worked so hard in order to further the limits of knowledge, some them he knew individually and strongly support.

Jeffrey Epstein is fascinated in breakthrough thinkers who are not scared to take the risks and often helps those who come up with original yet outstanding ideas together with those who opt to work on the radical aspect of science. Mr. Epstein also gives his undying support to those people who already won the Nobel Prize which is considered the highest scientific recognition.

Jeffrey wants to gain insight and comprehension in their latest thoughts and paths. He wants to discover what mystifies them, and what intrigues them, and probably, most of all, he wants to know where they think the most daring possibilities lie. Is there anything left to uncover?

Science is still the output of the human’s distinctive mind and imagination. It is important to have dialogues with these experts at a degree that is substantive and qualitative. During interviews with these scientists, Jeffrey Epstein ensures that the conversation is not merely a talk of their achievements but is meant to push the boundaries of their own values and everything that matters to them and to the people around them. It is not constantly that Jeffrey agrees with the views of his guests, but he allows them to talk about their work. which similar to the way he helps them via his Jeffrey Epstein Foundation.

These scientists must display an exceptional level of dedication, perseverance, and creativity in what they are doing and come up with a theory, image or process that can be verified. The criteria include the subsequent: inventing or presenting a concept that is entirely new, making enhancements with the current field in a astonishing way, or combining two fields in order to come up with an outstanding and one of kind outcome.

Go along with Jeffrey Epstein as he digs further into the scientific thoughts and mind functions of these scientists through his interviews by creating a conversation that is candid and out of the blue while talking about their answers to the endeavors they took and are about to take on. Jointly, Jeffrey Epstein and these scientists will explore Big Questions and Huge Answers that range from the mysteries of the development of the Universe to the mysteries of the human mind. These are interviews that will discuss not only how we are going about fundamentally changing our knowing our knowledge of our world, but also how we are applying such knowledge to change it for the benefit of humanity.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Affiliation With The Edge Foundation

Jeffrey EpsteinFor many years now, Jeffrey Epstein has been an active and supportive member of a very fascinating group, called Edge Foundation: Third Culture, which was put together by his friend publisher John Brockman. Brockman founded it in 1988 as an intimate, and by-invite only party, of some of the most interesting and cutting minds in the world of thought. Many of the Edge Foundation’s members are friends of Jeffrey Epstein, and he has preferred to support the work of number of Edge members through the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation.

Brockman was influenced by C.P. Snow’s classic work, The Two Cultures, first published in 1959, which investigated the communications gap between literary “intellectuals” and scientific “intellectuals.” Snow tagged these the Two Cultures. Later on, Snow, elaborated how much was dropped because of the effect of essentially two “different vocabularies,” which made it efficiently difficult to connect. The scientists were not communicating effectively to the artists and the artists were not communicating effectively to the scientists. There was little in the way of understanding or perception among them. Even with art, the scientists looking for common ground, in say an artist such as M.C Escher, whose mathematical symmetries were beautiful to them, were ignored by the artists, who were content with the “emotive” power of a painting expressed through light, tone, and color, as well as technique. It all boils down to one party, the scientists, while looking at a modern art abstraction and thought “I do not get it” to one more party, the artists, declaring “I do not understand it.”. As Jeffrey Epstein said, this looks like the story I read about physicist Richard Feynman who agreed to trade lessons in physics for lessons in art with his friend, the artist, Jyair Zorthian. Although Feynman turned out to be a very good draftsman, his friend Zorthian was still not able to see the beauty of physics even when Feynman tried to illustrate electromagnetism using a coiled magnet. In that scenario, a disaster took place since the Two Cultures clashed despited Fynman’s reputation as an outstanding physics teacher.

This gap is still existing up to this day. Snow included a new essay in “The Two Cultures: A Second Look” in 1963,which indicates that the human race will benefit greatly if this gap between two cultures is closed and this will not only improve the Two Cultures, but whole world as well. Snow coined this group the Third Culture. It is in this vein, Brockman has assembled a first class collection of minds from the disparate areas of hard-core science, philosophy, high-tech, and social enterprise, to supply a forum for eclectic and robust thinkers to discuss ideas that are bold, controversial, and cutting edge, and allow the public audience to have access to some of the deepest thoughts at the level of an intelligent reader, empty of technical language.

As the author, Brockman acts like a glue to these individuals by organizing events that enable them to share their candid thoughts and opinions on the various queries thrown at them, their answers to these questions are then compiled in a collection of Edge essays.

Every year, Brockman issues a new query, and it is dutifully answered by many affiliates of the Third Culture. Some of the questions can be serious and deep, others philosophical, and others, quite mundane. Nonetheless, given the people answering, there are always surprises, as able thoughts make the most of what’s there. It is the imagination at play that’s so much fun to watch.

The answers to his queries can be glib, sarcastic, and idiotic, but the content is rich enough to activate one’s mind. When requested his recommendation of a good place to start, Jeffrey Epstein stated “If one were to search for richness and creativity of thought among some of the world’s elite, Brockman’s yearly question is my suggestion of a good place to start.”

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